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The £1,000 challenge!!!

Welcome to the Wired £1000 in 30 days promotion!


It is designed for people who are struggling

to survive each month, working several jobs,

or  just trying to make ends meet.

The growing number of people who have joined us are

getting their lives back, in fact many have quit their full-time

jobs because they are earning more money in a few days than they earnt full time” Policemen, Taxi drivers, Social workers, people from all walks of life..just like you.


Imagine not having to go to work and join the rat race every day!


Doing this job means you get your life back, Work the hours you want to when you want to. See more of your children and your family and no longer worry about the bills. We help you from day one with full training and 24 hr support. Its your business and there are no sales targets.

And now….the Game changer!

Unlike part time jobs selling clothing, cosmetics ,holidays etc where you get a new target every month, there are no targets here just continual commission!! 


Every time you sign up a new customer

you get paid a small amount of commission EVERY MONTH thereafter!


This is called residual income and provides an additional income alongside your commission. Over several months and years this residual income can grow to hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds being paid into your bank account every month without you having to lift a finger or step outside the door! Imagine that, Financial freedom!- When we say “Change your life we really do mean it!

Finally, if this is not for you but you know someone who would benefit from this, put them in touch with us. if they join us you will receive a  £50 gift voucher absolutely free!!!


£1,000 Wired challenge starts 1st June 2024

How would you like to earn over £1,000 in 30 days?

No experience necessary. We show you how to make seriously good money by talking to friends and family and people looking to save money on their household bills. No targets, do it alongside your regular job or in your spare time, youre the boss,you decide?


Earnings of £250 per hr are common here at Wired and as we work with you on your first six calls all you have to do is watch, listen, and learn. This could be a life changing opportunity. We will show you examples of how Policemen, Taxi Drivers, Social Workers, Tradesmen, Travel Consultants etc, have all earnt more doing this, than they were earning full time quit their jobs and got their life back


Want to know more??


Click here to register your interest and we will get back to you shortly

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