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About wireddiscounts

Wired Discounts was initiated

to help people deal with the

soaring cost of living

post-Covid and to identify ways

of earning a well paid

additional part time income.

Both these issue are getting

more publicity day by day.

Take Electricity and Gas, for example. Yes the prices have come down but they remain at more than double what they were two years ago!

Customer service in many cases is a depressing time consuming affair, no doubt you’ve experienced being put on hold or made to wait long periods listening to mind numbing music on hold. When you do get through understanding some call operators can be really hard and lets not go there if you are asked to call back and start all over again!


It doesn’t have to be that way, we have identified a UK based supplier with great customer service

(Trustpilot 4.5 rating) which, by the way is the highest rating above all other suppliers.


A UK based call centre with helpful staff and a local helpline ready to respond if there is ever a problem.

The best thing of all is the lower prices!                                                   









By combing several services we can bring down the price you currently pay by hundreds of pounds                AND you get everything itemised in one single bill.


Finally changing suppliers could not be easier, as we do all the switching for you. That’s just half the story, earning great money from a stand alone part time job or a part time job you can do alongside your current job is the second part of the Wired Discounts proposition.


How would a job that can pay around £250 an hour sound? We have a team of people doing just that, Policemen, Doctors, Social Workers, Taxi drivers, all kinds of people, all walks of life. The great thing is you are helping people to cut their bills, helping them with the cost of living increases.   

You want to know more... right?













OK, so go to our home page and select either of the yellow buttons marked

“Save Money Form” or “Earn Money Form”, then complete the form and hit Submit. 

We will get back to you and explain how things work.


There is no cost or obligation to proceed but having heard exactly how this works few people pull out, the majority contacting this site go on to earn or save thousands of pounds and all our help doing it is FREE!

Join Wired Discounts and change your life!

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